syncMaker PRO REMOTE

syncMaker PRO REMOTE 

syncMaker PRO REMOTE is a special command line tool that can remote control a syncMaker PRO installation via LAN or WLAN connection. With that tool you can develop an own interactive desktop application (e.g. touchscreen or bar application) that can call the command line tool syncMaker PRO REMOTE and fire selection, play and loop commands to a syncMaker PRO that is running in master mode. All connected slaves will follow in sync. syncMaker PRO REMOTE is the well designed and easy to use syncMaker PRO interface to your own development.

syncMaker - keep it in sync!

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syncMaker PRO REMOTE Usage

 These are the supported command lines calls

  • syncmaker -setip [ip address]     set and store syncMaker Master ip address or net name
  • syncmaker -select [entry]         remote syncMaker jumps to [entry] in playlist
  • syncmaker -run                    remote syncMaker runs until stop command
  • syncmaker -run [slices]           remote syncMaker runs [slices] playlist entries
  • syncmaker -loop [slices]          remote syncMaker loops [slices] playlist entries
  • syncmaker -stop                   all playback is stopped at current frame