What's new?

syncMaker PRO 4 adds still image support for JPG files. With that feature one can create a synchronized slide show running on different computers. A playlist can contain video files and images so that e.g. simple titel pictures can be merged into the playlist. syncMaker PRO 4 supports Windows 8

syncMaker PRO features multiple head support. You can choose an own target head for each syncMaker instance.  syncMaker PRO supports a easy to use aspect ratio handling including a 16:9 in 4:3 container format.  The Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) increases sync stability, playback and seek speed. With the Multiple Head support syncMaker PRO can play in full screen mode on multiple monitors simultaneously. That reduces the amount of playback computers for an installation. The switch of video files in fullscreen mode is optimized. Hotkey switching of files is now also available in fullscreen mode.

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