Case studies

Although syncMaker PRO is extreme flexible there are some common use cases:

Multichannel Video Installation: Different Videos played frame synchronized

With syncMaker you can play different Videos frame synchronized. We have used the program for various art and sound installations. Because we are often ask to produce such installations we have decided to offer this special program to the world! Normally you have to pay much money to setup such synchronized environments, because the studio players are expensive. But now you only have to register syncMaker and use cheap computers! If you like you can connect the computers to digital video projectors and play the files fullscreen. Many art installations does not allow a down time for example during turn back the reels of the videoplayers. Playing the files direct from the hard disk, CD or DVD, like syncMaker does, allows direct looping the video without any dropped frame. 

Video Wall: One Video is played synchronized on many computers

With syncMaker there is no need to use splitter or repeaters. Just play the same video on each connected computer. If you plan a video presentation played in different locations without any delay, syncMaker is the tool you need.

Party on different floors controlled by one DJ

Your next multifloor house party can be powered by syncMaker PRO. Make mp3 Lists and play the lists on each floor synchronized. For each floor you need a cheap computer connected via LAN and a copy of syncMaker PRO. If you using mp3 Data the Data itself can be streamed via the LAN from the Master. The syncMaker Master can send the Playlist to each of its Slaves. So one DJ can control the whole location without the need of an separated audio network.

Live VJ setup with multiple screens controlled by Hotkeys and MIDI

We did it in a live media-art show in Newcastle/England 2004: Different syncmaker slaves are connected to one master via WLAN. Controlled by Hot-Keys or MIDI-Input we controlled the master and it triggers live the desired video on the multiple screens regarding to the conductor.

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