11.2004 syncMaker PRO 3.10
  • Add Midi-In to controll the Filelist entries
  • Add DV-Resolution Property to DV Decoder DirectX-Filter
  • Add the possibility to setup user defined Hotkeys to each Filelist entry
  • Add copy/paste to Filelist
  • Add automatic closing on Windows Shutdown
  • Add GoTo In and GoTo Out Frame Button
  • Add Time/Frames Switch
  • Add more Filelist Infos like Number, Total Time, Length, Hotkey
  • No "File save" dialogue during closing syncMaker in lock mode
  • Change some F-Key assigments for better interactive live controlling in fullscreen mode
  • Change Esc to Shift-Esc for leaving full screen modus
  • Change Full Screen behavior on loading different DV-Files under WinXP
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